Tuesday, April 25, 2017

Marigold tea

Marigold is a plant that does not have to be taken alone: it mixes well with other herbs and supports their medicinal action.

To make marigold tea, pour half a cup of boiling water over one to two teaspoon of fresh or dried marigold flowers.

It’s slightly bitter, stimulating properties are increased in combination with other bitter herb, or it can impart a pleasing color and flavor to otherwise insipid teas.
Cramps of the stomach are soothed and relaxed by the drinking of a goodly tea of marigold. Marigold tea or a mixture prepared from marigold and English chamomile, taken for one week before menstruation, can help to regulate bleeding and lessen cramps.

Ulcers in the stomach may be soothed with gentle infusions of marigold blossoms. Marigold flower petals mixed with honey have been used as a treatment for weak hearts through the ages.

Marigold flower tea can help to promote perspiration, especially when used in combination with lime tree flowers (Tilia cordata) or elder flowers(Sambucus nigra).
Marigold tea
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